Liberty Center

Three years ago my wife and I bought a house here in Liberty Township. I had always liked the area and my wife had spent half her childhood growing up here. In fact her family on her Dad’s side has lived in and around the area since it was first settled.

When we put the offer down on the house, we celebrated by eating dinner at the ‘Greek Isles’ and were informed by the owner, that the new ‘Liberty Center’ project was being finalized. This got us even more excited as we already loved the area we were moving into.

Over the last year or so I have witnessed the Liberty Center grow from a vacant plot of land into the amazing shopping and dinning center it has become. It has far surpassed my hopes of what it would become. The architecture, the restaurants, the stores, the way everything is linked together, is truly something to behold. The developers have really out done themselves with this place and you can tell a lot of thought and attention to detail went into the planning.

What the developers have done here is take a vacant plot of land and essentially turned it into a mini city. It is truly a destination shopping and dining center and a place that you will not regret visiting.

Visit their website, or better still, make a visit today.

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