Pies & Pints

As an Englishman, anytime I hear the word ‘pint’ I have to try it out, so naturally ‘Pies & Pints’ was on my ‘to visit’ list.

I was quite taken aback by the very generous selection of beers that were on tap. They had a clever page dedicated on the back of the drinks menu to explaining the difference between ale vs lager. Again, as an Englishman I appreciated this.

Still pouring over the selection when the waitress came over, I instantly asked for a pint of Fullers London Pride, a home favorite of mine. Though I could easily have spent half an hour scanning through the selection before making my choice.

We ordered the Classic Pizza from the menu, and as I finished up my first pint, I asked the waitress for a sample of the ‘Warped Wing Whiskey Rebellion’ which caught my eye in the ‘dark and roasted’ section. It’s description was that of a Russian Imperial Stout, with hints of vanilla, bourbon and cocoa. I wasn’t disappointed. As soon as the sample hit my lips I ordered a full glass.

Our pizza arrived right as the waitress brought over my next drink, dark and in a snifter glass, it was like drinking liquid candy. As I bit into the pizza I could instantly taste the freshness. The flavor of the pepperoni and mushrooms bounced well off the banana peppers and fresh crust.


My wife and I agreed; this was the best pizza we’d had since Iceland. Yes that’s right Iceland. No you didn’t read that wrong. One of the best pizza’s we’d ever had was in Iceland, so if we’re comparing this one to the one we had over there; you know it’s good.

So perhaps now it’s worth mentioning that my wife and I have had pizzas all over town, we’ve had pizzas on the beach in Pensacola, we’ve had pizzas on the beach at Cape Canaveral, we’ve even had a pizza in the basement of a pizza hut in Covent Garden in London. But one of the best pizzas we’ve ever had was in a tiny fishing village on the east side of the island of Iceland, the population of which was a grand total of 150 people. So of course, you can imagine that not a lot of ready made food makes it out that way, and certainly not microwave pizzas. So everything is made from scratch. After a long day of driving through torrential rain, and three nights straight of camping in hazardous conditions, this little hotel in the middle of this village blew us away with its service and excellent home made, from scratch food. But I digress.

Pies and Pint’s is definitely a place to check out. I found their selection of beers to be amazing, and their pizzas divine. It’s a definite must for casual social outings, or a bite to eat with the family. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you enjoy pizza and beer!

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